Manufacturing is the life blood of Excel. Our edge over the competition comes not only from being able to provide a high quality product, but to provide it in a timely manner. From machining to shipping, all parts of the process are completed by trained staff and qualify production managers. Our assembly structure allows for continuous and dynamic production based on inventory levels as well as order requirements. If we are low, we can produce an item on demand. If a customer requires a modification, we are capable of producing in both low and high volume with customer generated specs.

Parts are constantly in production. Machining of aluminum, stamping of steel blanks, cleaning of finished parts, and even plastics production fill our manufacturing floor at all times. Currently we have 55,000 ft2 of machining/manufacturing capability with another 25,000ft2 of assembly and packaging across a few sites.

Manufacturing our own products means a fulfillment structure that does not await your order to create the product, but instead to have the product available when you order arrives. As such, your handle, your blade, or your pin vise has already been machined, cleaned, carded, and shelf packed by the time you order. When it arrives, we move in order to fulfill the order without delay.