DIY Holiday Wreath - Jason Koons ( @jason_koons )

Canson Mi-Teintes 116 Bordeaux (Red) Paper (98lb/160g)
French Paper Company Construction Paper (100C)
Colors: Pure White / Factory Green
2mm Hole Punch
  1. Begin by drawing a vertical and horizontal axis that finds the center point of the red paper. After drawing the initial axis, split each quadrant evenly (45°) and draw another line. Then using a compass, draw two circles that originate from the center point – one circle with a 1” radius, and a second circle with a 3” radius.  The finished drawing should be a 6” circle with a 2” circle inside, divided evenly into 8 slices.
  1. Begin by drawing a hollow ‘S’ shape that will serve as the ribbon wrapping around the wreath. Center this shape on one of the axis lines, and keep it between the outside edges of the two circles.
  1. Repeat the ‘S’ shape on top of all 8 axis lines that were drawn inside the circles.
  1. Begin cutting out the ‘S’ shapes. Remove all 8 before moving on.
  1. Draw the holly leaves and berries in between the cut ribbon shapes. Try to keep the leaves in groups of three that radiate out from a central point. This pattern does not have to be followed exactly when cutting, but it is a good idea to have a basic plan in place before starting.
  1. Before the holly leaves are cut, line the green paper up behind the red paper.
  1. Quickly mark a small arrow on the top left corner of both the red and green pieces of paper – this will ensure that they can be lined up again properly later in the project.
  1. With the two papers aligned again, trace the openings of the ribbon shapes onto the green paper with a pencil. Once finished, put the green paper aside for later use.
  1. Practice cutting the holly leaf shape on some scrap paper before starting on the final. There should be eight cutting strokes in each leaf.
  1. Begin cutting the holly leaves on the final wreath.
  1. Use the hole punch to add the holly berries in between the leaves.
  1. Once all the holly leaves and berries are finished, cut out and remove the center of the wreath.
  1. Carefully cut around the outside of the wreath, and then remove the entire wreath from the paper.
  1. Take the green paper and line it up behind the red paper again (make sure the previously drawn arrows are aligned). Trace the outline of the wreath that was just cut onto the green paper with a pencil – the outline should align with the previously drawn ribbon shapes.
  1. Cut the ribbon shapes, the center, and the outside edge of the wreath on the green paper, and then carefully remove.
  1. On top of the white paper, carefully align the green wreath silhouette underneath the red wreath. Once aligned, glue may be added to keep the layers of paper from separating.
  1. The holiday wreath is complete! Frame and present as you like – Happy Holidays.

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