Diamond Art DIY - Cora @excelblades

Diamond art is a fun way to create colorful art with a sparkle! Check out this amazing DIY by one of Excel Blades very own.
Diamond Art
Colored Paper
Glue Stick
1. Grab your diamond art and the diamonds you need
2. Start by doing one color of diamonds at a time.
3. Put the diamonds in the tray, given to you with the diamond art template, and take your slant point tweezers.
4. Put each diamond on the corresponding number or letter indicated on the diamond art template.
5. Once you finish with one diamond color, get the next color and start all over again.
6. Now that you finished your artwork, design a background for the art or keep as is.  Here, we made a beach theme for our crab.
7. Once you've made your scene add your diamond art and you are finished!
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