Dream Catcher DIY - Cora (@excelblades)

Catch dreams not feelings with this easy tutorial on how to make your own dream catcher!  With just a few tools and some jewels, everyone will want you to make them one!
Colored Paper
Black paper with your dream catcher design
Hot Glue Gun
Gel Pens
1. Grab your black piece of paper with your dream catcher design and cut it out.
2. Draw your design, with gel pens, to make it pop!
3. Pick out the jewels you would like to add to your dream catcher and glue them on.
4. Take your colored paper and fold it in half long ways.  For this video we used 5 different colors. 2 each of the 4 colors and 4 each of one color.
5. Once folded, cut half of an oval so when you open the paper it looks like a whole oval. 
Note: make sure you do not cut off the folded part of the paper
6. Once all of the papers are cut, fold the paper back and start to cut little slits on the edge to give it a feathered look. 
7. Grab some string and cut 5 pieces. One longer than the rest, 2 a little shorts, and another 2 a little shorter than the last.
8. Glue the string on to the back of your dream catcher design on the bottom.
Note: you want to make sure the strings are far apart and form a "V" shape
9. Take your retractable awl and poke holes on the top part of your feathers.
10.Take the string and pull it through the feather's hole.  Tie the string to ensure that the feather doesn't move.
Note: we used the smaller feathers on the ends and larger on the top and middle
11. Once you have added all of your feathers, you are finished!
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