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There is nothing like a homemade Mother’s Day gift to show your Mom just how much you care.  This tutorial is the perfect DIY Mother’s Day craft for kids of all ages (and grown-ups too!).  Whether you are looking for a Mother’s Day craft for preschoolers or just want to create a DIY gift for mom, this homemade planter is sure to put a smile on her face. 
A bouquet of flowers makes a great homemade gift idea for Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, Mom’s Birthday, or any occasion.  Who doesn’t like getting flowers? With just a few supplies, a little supervision, and basic materials this DIY Mother’s Day gift is easy to recreate.
Construction Paper (brown, Pink, Green, Yellow)
Pipe Cleaners (Green and Silver)
Flower Pot and Tulip Template
Step 1 - 4: Cut out your pot and flower template.  Once they are cut, take your brown paper and planter pot and trace 2 pots onto the brown construction paper.  Then, grab your tulip and pink paper (or any color you choose) and trace 6 tulips.  Finally, grab your green paper and draw 3 leaves, one leaf per tulip.
Tip: if you would like more than 3 tulips in your planter, trace more of the pattern.  Each tulip will need 2 flowers. 
Step 5: Once you have traced out the planter pot, tulip and leaves, it’s time to cut them out!  Here we use our K1 Light Duty Knife however, you can have the kids use craft scissors for this part.
Step 6: Now that you have your craft pieces cut out, grab your green pipe cleaners and cut “stems” for the flowers.  Once you’ve done this, lay out all of your pieces and grab your glue.
Step 7: Now it’s time to put your DIY together!  First, grab your background paper (we used yellow to make it pop!), pots, and glue.  Glue on of the planters on the bottom of the page.  Then grab the second planter and only glue the top of the planter onto the planter you just placed on your paper.  You should be able to lift up the top piece of the planter to leave a secret message to mom.
Tip: we use a hot glue gun here however, you can use a glue stick, glue tabs or even double sided tape if you prefer.


Step 8: Next, grab your green pipe cleaners and glue them onto the paper above the planter pot to create the “stems” of the tulips.
Tip: When gluing the stems, make sure you leave enough room at the top of the page for the tulips to fit.
Step 9: Now, take three tulips and glue one on the top of each stem. 
Step 10: Next, grab one of the three tulips you have left and fold it in half. Then, take each ends and fold it in towards the first fold.  Once you’ve folded all of your tulips, it should look like this.
Step 11: Grab your glue and glue the left and right side of the tulip and place it onto your glues tulips on the paper.  Do this for all of the flowers.
Step 12: Then, grab your leaves and glue them onto the stems.
Step 13: Now, take your silver pipe cleaner (or any color) and fold the cleaner to create the word MOM.  Cut each letter from the pipe cleaner with your scissors.
Step 14: Glue the letters onto the planter
Step 15: Finally, lift your planter and write you message
Give your Mom a gift from the heart!  Something homemade from you is the perfect present for Mother’s Day, her birthday, or any special occasion.  Who doesn’t love homemade gifts?  Give your Mom a bouquet that will last forever this Mother’s Day! 
We hope you enjoyed this Mother’s Day DIY as much as we did! 
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