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Looking for the latest hair trend?  Are you looking for a hair piece that can work for any occasion?  Or, maybe you just need something to keep your hair back?  Well, look no further because everyone’s favorite hair accessory from the 80’s and 90’s is making a HUGE comeback.  These fabric covered elastic bands are great for holding your hair back and giving it a pop of color.  Best of all, they promote silky, healthy hair.  Who doesn’t want healthy hair?  Being able to make your own scrunchie makes it easier to have them match your style.  Whether you buy the fabric at a craft store or use an old t-shirt, you can make a hair scrunchie out of almost anything!
We grew up in the 90’s, so scrunchies are a very nostalgic hair accessory for us.  When they became a fashion statement in the 80’s and 90’s, people use to wear them on their wrist or in their hair on lazy days.  Having a bad hair day?  Not sure what to do with the mop on your head?  When in doubt, scrunchie it out!  All the coolest people wore them like singer Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson.  You would also see them on tv actors like Topanga from Boy Meets World or the Full House girls.  Not only are scrunchies kind to your hair, they can be dressed up or down and provide comfort.  You can also use them to show someone you think they are cute, or so we’ve been told by our nieces.
Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy this DIY on how to make a scrunchie!


Needle and thread
Hair Elastic
First, choose the fabric you would like to make your scrunchie with.  Whether you are looking to make a velvet scrunchie, a t-shirt scrunchie, or just a bright scrunchie to make your outfit pop.  Any fabric will do! We decided to go with the yellow polka dots because we wanted something that would POP! 

Next, lay your fabric flat on the self-healing cutting mat.  You want the edge to be flush with the white line on the bottom of the mat so your fabric is a perfect, or semi perfect, rectangle when you finish cutting it.  Our cutting mats are great for projects like this because it has a ruler along the bottom and sides.  This will help you measure the rectangular piece we will need to make the scrunchie. 

Now, using the chalk, mark the fabric at the proper measurements.  For our scrunchie we measured out 42cm x 10cm.  You can make the length of the fabric anywhere between 40-45cm and the width of the fabric between 8-12cm.  Once you have made the marks, using you ruler and chalk, draw the lines to make a rectangle.


 Once you have drawn the lines to make a rectangle, your fabric should look like this.

Now, grab your 45mm Rotary Cutter from Excel Blades and Alumicutter ruler and cut out the rectangle.  Make sure you have the raised edge of the ruler where you plan on cutting the line.  This will help guard your fingers from accidentally getting cut.


Once cut out, your fabric should look like this.

Next, grab your hair tie, needle and thread.  Turn the fabric over so that the outside of the fabric (the design) is facing you and the lining of the fabric (inside) is on the cutting mat.  You want to sew on the lining side of the fabric so you do not see the stitches when you turn the fabric right side out.

Place the hair tie on the corner of the fabric.  The fabric should take up about a quarter of the hair tie.

Fold the fabric over the corner of the hair tie like the photos below.  The edges from the fabric outside part of the fabric should touch.


Take your needle and thread and start to sew the edges together.  When sewing, you want the stitch to be about ¼” from the edge.  We decided to sew the scrunchie with a running stitch.  For a sturdier stitch, sew the scrunchie with a backstitch. 

TIP: The reason we sew the scrunchie on the outside part of the fabric is so that when we flip the fabric right side out you do not see your stitch marks.


Once you have sown the entire edge of the fabric onto the hair tie, close the stitch so it doesn’t become loose.  To close the stitch simply slide the needle under the nearest stitch and pull it to make a look.  Insert the needle through the look and pull it tightly to make a not.  Tie the thread through another loop to double not the stitch.  Then, trim the excess thread with your rotary cutter or scissors.


Now that you’ve closed out your running stitch, flip the fabric right side out.  You are going to push the fabric through the hole with your fingers to get the nicer side of the fabric to show.  Be careful and try not to pull to hard, you do not want your stitches coming undone.


Once you’ve flipped the fabric right side out, your scrunchie should look like this.

Now, let’s sew the edges of the fabric together to finish off the scrunchie.

First, take one of the edges and fold it in.


Next, tuck the opposite edge into the folded edge.  This will make the frayed edges disappear!


Once you’ve tucked the one edge into the folded edge, your scrunchie will look like this.

Finally, take your needle and thread and sew the edges together.  Sew straight down to join both sides.  Once you get to the end, close the stitch and cut the excess thread off.


You have now made your very own scrunchie!  Make as many as you want to go with any outfit.


Fashion trends come and go.  Sometimes, trends change so fast that we never see them again.  This retro hair tie was a vintage trend that we were excited to see come out of the vault and into our hair.  Can you think of any other fashion trends you think should make an appearance? 

When in doubt, scrunchie it out!


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