Spaghetti Carbonara DIY - Camilla Catrambone @ovotondo

The pastabilities are endless!  In this DIY, Camilla shows you how to make Spaghetti Carbonara without the carbs!
Double Sided Tape
White Paper (2pcs)
Yellow Paper (1pc)
Off White/Yellowish Paper (small piece)
Pink Paper (small piece)
Red Paper (small piece)
Green Paper (small piece)
1. Prepare the dish.  Cut 2 equal sized circles with the white paper.  Then, take one of the circles you just cut and cut a smaller circle inside.  Overlap the two circles using a thick tape to great the bowl.
2. Prepare the spaghetti.  Use the yellow paper and cut a lot of strips to make the spaghetti.  Once finished, put them to the side.
3. Prepare the bacon.  Use a dark red strip and glue it onto a dark pink card.  Then, make lots of little bacon pieces!
4. Prepare the cheese. What kind of pasta would it be without parmesan cheese?  Use a yellowish paper and make lots of cuts.
5. Prepare the basil.  Take your green paper and create two basil leaves.
6. Prepare your dish.  Take the strips you created with the yellow paper (spaghetti) and roll them up in your hands.  Then, place them in the middles of the empty dish.  Add the bacon and take your yellowish paper with the strips and cut little pieces of paremsan cheese over the dish.  Add your basil leave and enjoy your meal!
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