Spring Time Postcard - Mariana Coan (@mariana_coan)

Spring has sprung and we are so excited for the beautiful flowers that have bloomed.  Mariana Coan has the best tutorial for spring!  Check out this amazing DIY Spring Time Postcard.  These 3D flowers will have you sniffing the paper.
A4 Paper, Medium Weight 
1. Print out the template on the A4 paper.  Here Mariana uses white paper, but experiment with colored paper to make the flowers pop!
2. With your K18, cut all the elements of the template out
3. Now, grab the first flower you want to work on.  With your embossing stylus and needle point tip, crease the paper on the middle of each petal and fold.
4. Do the same for the second flower petals and glue it on top of the first one.
5. Glue the little star in the middle of the flowers you just glued together and your first flower is ready.
6. Grab your second flower and repeat the steps above.
7. For the third flower, crease and fold both of the bigger parts of the flower.
8. Glue the larger petals together first and then glue the smaller petals on top.
9. For the forth flower, use the embossing stylus to crease each petal in the middle.  Then, glue each petal onto the smaller petals as shown in the photo.
10. Finally, glue the smaller flower on top of the flower you just put together.
11. For the fifth flower, crease both bigger petals and glue them together.
12.  Now, glue the branches onto the postcard as shown below.
13. Crease and fold the leaves with your embossing stylus.
14.  Now, glue the leaves on top of the branches.
15. Start to glue flowers 1 and 2 on the postcard.
16. Finally, glue on flowers 3,4, and 5.  Now your postcard is finished!

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