DIY Sunflower - Jason Koons (@Jason_Koons)

Excel blades is excited to share a new DIY project by artist and influencer Jason Koons (@Jason_Koons) for when you really start missing the warm weather.  Jason shows you a simple sunflower project that you can frame.  With a few tools and a steady hand you’ll have sunflowers all over your house!  Whether you are looking for something to brighten your day or keep you busy, this DIY project will have you going crazy for sunflowers.
Supplies (shown below)
Excel Blades K-26 Fit Grip Knife (Black)
Excel Blades #11 Double Hones Blade
Excel Blades Self-Healing Cutting Mat
8” x 8” Cason Mi-Teintes #140 Indigo Blue Paper (98lbs)
Ruler (not Excel Blades however, you can find one here)
Compass (not Excel Blades however, you can find one here)
2mm Hole Punch
3mm Hole Punch
1. Begin by drawing a vertical and horizontal axis that finds the center point of the paper. After drawing the initial axis, connect the opposing corners with diagonal lines.
2. Using a compass, draw three circles that originate from the center point of the paper
      -Outer Circle - 4” radius (8” from top to bottom)
      -Middle Circle – 2” radius (4” from top to bottom)
      -Inner Circle – 1” radius (2” from top to bottom)
3. Line a protractor up with the original horizontal and vertical axis, mark off every 15°
     -This only needs to be done on the top half of the paper 
4.Using your ruler, line the center point of the paper up with each of the 15° marks and draw lines that stretch across the entire outer circle
     -Circles should be sectioned off into 24 equal parts
5. The photo below shows the progression of each flower petal cut. Each petal requires between 9 and 12 knife strokes.
     -Begin with the outer lines of each petal (steps 1 & 2) and then continue with          the central lines of the petals (steps 3 - 10)
     -Make sure to pull each stroke from the center of the paper towards the outer          edge
6. Begin cutting each petal within each of the outermost 24 compartments that are drawn on the paper
7. As the main petals are cut around the circle, go back and cut the rear petals in the space between the main petals.
     -Each cut will require 4 strokes and should follow the contour of the main                petals on each side
8. Once the front and back petals are cut, the paper should look something like the photo below
9. Now that the petals are finished, cut the seeds in the center of the flower
     -The inner circle (1” radius) should have smaller seeds than the middle circle (2” radius)
     -The circles can be cut with a knife however, hole punches can also be used to ensure the best accuracy (2mm punch for smaller holes and 3mm punch for larger holes)
**Punch holes in both the inner and middle circles at the same time. If you only punch the small circles first than the big circles the paper will curl**
10. Carefully trim around the outside of the petals to release the flower from the remaining paper
11. Your Sunflower is complete!  Frame and present the flower how you would like!
To check out more paper art designs by Jason Koons visit his Instagram

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