Thanksgiving Turkey Paper Craft

Thanksgiving Turkey Paper Craft
Thanksgiving is next week! Did you get the turkey yet? The cranberry? The potatoes? The pie ingredients? Did you send the invites? How many people are coming? Is your house going to be clean? Is the food going to be tasty? Is the……let’s just take a minute to remember that it’s a holiday and we’re supposed to enjoy it.
Today, we tend to forget what holidays are really for. This holiday is meant to celebrate the harvest (if you’re not a farmer, you’re celebrating the good fortune of the harvest that kept you fed this year) and all the other blessings of the past year. While you’re preparing the turkey and all the food, make sure to send a thank you to a farmer, and when everyone is together, be thankful that you have all these people around you to love and care for. Even having one person to celebrate with is something to be thankful for.
Take a break from the crazy prep and celebrate the simplicity of the holiday by doing an easy Thanksgiving craft. Just take a minute to relax and enjoy the holiday. You’ll also get a cute Thanksgiving decoration out of it!
Paper: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Brown, White, Black
1. To begin, get all your materials together.
2. Grab your K31 dual blade strip cutter and adjust the width to about 1.5-2cm (or however wide you want your tail to be). This dual blade knife will allow you to cut perfect parallel lines into paper as well as a variety of other materials. Now, place the red paper on the self-healing cutting mat and begin cutting strips of red lengthwise on the paper. Our lines were fairly straight, but if you want to make sure that your strips are perfect, run the dual strip cutter along the edge of your aluminum ruler. Make five or ten strips depending on how big you want to make your turkey’s tail.
3. Repeat with the orange paper.
4. Repeat with the yellow paper.
5. Repeat with the green paper.
6. Once all your paper strips are cut, separate them by color and set them aside.
7. Take the brown paper and using your pencil, sketch out the turkey body. The body of the turkey should resemble a plump number eight, with the top being slightly smaller than the bottom.
8. Using the K18 Grip-on Knife, cut out the turkey body. The #11 angled blade on this light duty carving knife is ideal for the precision cutting of lightweight materials like paper.
9. Once everything is cut out, we can begin assembling the tail. Set all your pieces up ahead of time so it’s easy to grab the next color paper strip.
10. Choose one color for the center of the tail and make a small loop about one inch in height. We chose green for our turkey. We used liquid glue for this project but found that it probably would have been easier to use hot glue because it dries faster. You can use whichever glue you have handy, but use your tweezers to hold the pieces together to keep the mess to a minimum.
11. Take the next color in your sequence (for us, it’s yellow) and glue one edge down. Looping the strip around the green, make sure there is a space between the green and yellow papers. We left about a 1cm distance between the two pieces, but you can adjust the spacing depending on what you prefer. Once you have the spacing you want, glue the other edge down. Don’t worry about having excess hanging off the bottom, that will help you glue the tail to the body.
12. Repeat with the orange or the next color in your sequence.
13. Repeat with the red or the next color in your sequence.
14. We stopped at 5 layers, however, feel free to continue with the layers using however many you prefer. Use your turkey body to make sure you have the look you want. Once your layers are done, make four more tail feathers. You should have a total of five when you’re done.
15. Next, take your white paper and cut two 2cm circles with the K18 crafting knife and two 1cm circles from your black paper. These circles will make up the eyes of the turkey.
16. Grab the orange paper and crafting knife, then cut out the beak of the turkey. It should be about 2cm tall and with the angled sides about 2cm as well.
17. Using the red paper and the craft knife, cut out a long, squiggly 8-shape to make the snood of the turkey.
18. Once you have all the pieces, you can begin gluing all the various pieces of the Thanksgiving project together. We began by gluing the white parts of the eyes down followed by the black pupils on top. Once more, we used our tweezers to reduce the glue we got on our fingers and get better precision when placing each piece.
19. Next, glue on the beak and the snood to finish your turkey’s face.
20. Make sure the glue is dry, and then flip the turkey over and begin gluing the tail feathers on. Place the glue on the edge of the paper strips so they are standing vertically, and attach it on the back of the turkey’s body. Make sure to keep pressure on the feathers for a few seconds. This is where hot glue would come in handy because it’s fast drying and can be more secure than regular glue.
21. Once all your tail feathers are glued down, continue to apply pressure until you’re sure they’re completely dry. Be careful not to flip the turkey until then. We don’t need more than one turkey fiasco this thanksgiving!
22. Once your glue has dried, flip your turkey over! It will really add a cute factor to your Thanksgiving this year!

It’s important to remember to take a break from all the crazy holiday prep and just enjoy the special day. This craft will give you that time to slow down, take a moment, and remember what the holiday is for…..stuffing yourself more than the turkey and laughing with friends and family!


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