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Five Point Star - Jason Koons ( @jason_koons )

DIY  FIVE-POINT  STAR   As  in  my  previous  post  on  the  nautical  knots,  repetition  will  play  a  major  role  in  the  success  of  this  five-point  star  paper  cut.    I  will  use  a  basic  diamond  shaped,  two  stroke  cut  for  the  entirety  of  this  project;  but  I  will  vary  the  size  of  the  diamond  shape  which  wil...
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GEOMETRIC FISH PAPERCUT ARTWORK Following this tutorial you can test your papercutter skills and create a layered artwork with small and big fish as protagonists, like a creative summer praise. A perfect activity for the summer: you can turn it into an hanging wall-artwork, or a funny greeting card to wish a wonderful holiday and surprise the ...
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