The 2020 Gift Guide - Never Too Early To Shop

It’s that time of year again, where it’s nearing the stressful holiday shopping season. Not to worry, this year at Excel Blades we are rolling out our holiday shopping guide a bit earlier! It is never too early to start holiday shopping for your loved ones. We have chosen five great personalized hobby gifts for that special someone in your life.
Whether they are crafters, DIYers, cake decorators, woodworkers, or stamp artists, at Excel Blades we have got you covered no matter the genre they work in. From stocking stuffers to gift sets, we offer a variety of tools for everyone! So, get ready to be the most prepared gift giver this holiday season, below is our gift guide with featured products for the artistic people in your life:

Cake Decorating
Our Tracing Wheel Set is the perfect gift for any cake decorator or cookie artist in your life. Whether they are novice home bakers or professionals, this set is sure to be a hit! This complete set features three pounce wheels ranging from small to large for an array of projects. They work great for imprinting dotted or dashed details, tracing a stencil, or outlining an area that needs to be painted. The pounce tool is a game changer for creating distinctive lines and patterns. Whether they are working with fondant, gum paste, or cookie dough this tool set will take their cake art to the next level! Do not want a whole set?  No worries!  Each pounce wheel is sold separately.


Jewelry Making
Jewelry making is a hobby that opens a lot of opportunity to showcase creativity, especially if you happen to have an eye for fine details. Excel Blades’ Sanding Sticks are great for artists of all levels from beginner to expert. Our sanding sticks come in handy when working with metals and precious stones. The sturdy aluminum oxidized sanding belt is perfect for grinding and general sanding, while the flat edge is great for cleaning up solder around a tight space to achieve ultimate smoothness. Our detail sanding sticks are available in assorted colors to easily identify grits, we offer grit sizes #80, #120, #240, #320, #400 and #600. All belt grits are compatible with all colored sticks and are also sold separately. Give the jewelry maker in your life a gift to express themselves through their designs, they will be able to create jewelry that is one of a kind and memorable.

#80 Grit Sanding Stick - #55711
#80 Grit Replaceable Belt - 55685
#120 Grit Sanding Stick - #55712
#120 Grit Replaceable Belt - 55680
#240 Grit Sanding Stick - #55713
#240 Grit Replaceable Belt - #55681
#320 Grit Sanding Stick - #55714
#320 Grit Replaceable Belt - 55682
#400 Grit Sanding Stick - #55715
#400 Grit Replaceable Belt - #55683
#600 Grit Sanding Stick - #55716
#600 Grit Replaceable Belt - #55684

Do you have someone who is a miniature woodworker in your life? This Pin Vise is the perfect tool for them! If they are working with small-scale miniatures, models, or even dollhouse miniatures this tool will come in handy. They will be able to manually drill an insertion hole for piercing saws or fret saws for jewelry and wood. Our Pin Vise has a permanent self-centering steel chuck that accommodates drills #50 (.0700) through #80 (.0135). It includes 6 assorted drills that easily slide and fit in the handle for storage.  It also comes equipped with a pocket clip for easy travel. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for any tiny project lover you know.

Pin Vise - #70005

Polymer Clay 
Looking for the perfect Christmas gift idea for the polymer clay crafter/DIYer in your family? The Cushion Grip Scribe Tool is the ideal gift for them. It is a multipurpose etching tool with a cushion grip handle and a .058" replaceable steel tip. The scribe awl tool is great for etching, marking, scoring, making holes, fine lines, removing stitches and releasing air bubbles from clay. Crafted specifically to fit in one’s pocket for quick storage, as well as easy and safe travel, they will never have to worry about misplacing or losing this tool. Paired with some polymer clay and placed in a nice gift box you will have no trouble being your loved one’s favorite gift giver this year!

Cushion Grip Scribe Tool - #30614
Replaceable Tips - #30616

Stamp Making
Are you having trouble finding a gift for a stamp maker in your life? Perhaps you know someone who is interested in stamp making but they have no idea where to start or what tools to get. Excel Blades has got the answer! The key to stamping success is a good foundation, with any type of stamp they are planning to make, they will need a good tool set to start! Our Professional Tool set at Excel Blades features an array of tools perfect for hobbyists of any level. This hobby set includes one K1 Aluminum Knife, one K2 Medium Duty Aluminum Knife, one K7 Carving Knife, seven different blades and two gouges. All of this is packaged in a classic wooden box with a clasp lock so all you need to do is put a bow on top! Voila! Now you have the perfect gift for that special stamp maker you love!

Professional Set - #44390

Take the stress out of holiday shopping and let our guide to gift giving navigate your way through the holiday season. Giving someone a holiday gift that helps to support something they are passionate about can mean the world to them. We want to give our loved ones something that they will cherish, and it is even better when it serves a functional purpose as well. You can always start with our suggestions as a foundation and build out an entire gift set around the product. It will show that you really thought about what you were giving them and that you care about their interests! No matter who you are shopping for, the most important part of gift giving is the sentimental meaning behind it.