The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide (For the Artist You Love) 

From Stocking Stuffers to Gift Sets, get everyone you love exactly what they want this year! 

The Holidays are upon us once again, and that means the stress of gift giving is upon us! But don’t worry, this year at Excel Blades, we came up with the perfect holiday gift guide to help you chose the best gifts for your loved ones. Our products cater to a wide range of people: mom, dad, brother, sister, grandpa, grandma, the handyman, the crafter, the artist, the sower, the woodworker, the baker, the cosplayer, and many, many more! We want to make finding a personalized gift easy this holiday season. We have stocking stuffers as well as gift sets, so no matter your budget, we have you covered.

Whether they are just starting a new hobby or you want to give the gift to encourage self-expression, here are just a few of our featured products for the creative people in your life!

The General Purpose gift:
Hobbyist is a broad term, so this is a perfect gift for everyone. Our Super Deluxe Knife set is a perfect gift because the products are so versatile. Need a scrapbook gift for the scrapbooker in your life? Why waste your time surfing the internet, get them an amazing set of scrapbooking tools! Our Super Deluxe Knife Set will help expand their scrapbooking ideas and capabilities and allow them to make any cuts they need to photos or the accenting paper. Whoever you buy this for will be able to create a masterpiece of paper art or amazing art in any medium they work in. Bundle our Super Deluxe Knife set with a pack of colored paper and the best gift wrapping, and you’ll have the perfect Christmas present this year!

 Hobby Knife Set

The Crafter:  
Looking for the perfect Christmas Gift Idea for the crafter/DIYer in your family? Maybe a Christmas gift for mom? The Hook Weeder is the perfect Christmas gift for the vinyl crafter! Anyone who loves their Cricut or Silhouette will love this perfect accessory tool. The weeding tool for vinyl is used to get the “weeds” out when printing vinyl. You can remove all the negative space after you print from your Cricut, which will leave you with your perfect piece. You can use this tool to make just about anything: t-shirts, home décor signs, custom water bottles, and more. The angled hook on the vinyl weeder allows for easy usage. This makes the perfect stocking stuffer, as it costs just under $11! And the cherry on top? It’s American made!
Vinyl Weeding Tool Weeder






The Woodworker:
Gifts for woodworkers can be hard to find but, Excel Blade’s Woodworking Set is great for artists of all levels from expert to beginner. This woodworking set comes in a simple yet stunning wooden case with a clasp lock that will keep the tools safe, which may come in handy if the person you’re buying for is a little messy! This hobby knife set includes one knife, five blades, five gouges, and four routers which is great for getting someone started in the world of crafting or enhancing someone’s established set of woodworking tools. Give them a set of tools they’ll be able to use on a wide variety of projects and these tools will never go to waste.


The Paper Crafter:
Do you have a Jack-of-all-trades crafter in your life? The best gift for them would be a tool as flexible as them! The #11 blade is made of carbon steel with a strong tip and flex, so their edge and tip won’t break. Your crafter can use this blade on paper, cardstock, stencils, film, photographs, tape, plastic, cork, wood, vinyl, cloth, leather, cardboard, foam boards and most other light-weight crafting, so no matter what they work on, this blade will be working right alongside them! This versatile replacement blade fits with all standard light and medium duty xacto knives. If they don’t have the handle for the blade yet, or you think they deserve a new one, you can pair these replacement blades with Excel K1, K3, K17, K18, K26, K30, and K71 handles. Don’t forget to throw in a few extra safety caps with their new hobby knife to keep them safe!

11 hobby blades replacement american made
The Craftsman:
Are you having trouble finding a gift for dad or a present for grandpa? The K60 Revo Knife might be the solution to your gift giving problems! The K60 Revo Utility Knife is a lightweight folding box cutter with three locking positions and an open center ring that provides extra grip, safety, and support. This utility blade has an easy-fold design that fits perfectly into your pocket or easily clips to your belt for easy access while you work on your project. The Revo utility blade has the strength to cut through wood, sheetrock, construction remodeling, and carpenter projects so all those sturdy jobs dad or grandpa work on will benefit from this pocket utility knife! This might be a great gift for grandma too!  If your grandma is a shopaholic like mine, she could use this as a great box cutter for all those online orders that come in!
Utility Knife  

The Model Maker:
Do you know someone who makes model cars or model trains? This 21 Piece Mini Tool Set is perfect for the ratio-controlled model maker in your life. Enclosed in this mini toolbox, are six slotted Hex-Nut drivers, five open ended mini wrenches, two Philips head screwdrivers, and three hex key wrenches. These model making tools will aid in any modeling project and would make the perfect gift for dad or your brother. Even if it’s not a model they’re working on, these mini wrenches and mini screwdrivers are perfect for tight areas or those tiny projects you see them doing!
 Mini Tool Hobby Set

The Novice:
Do you know someone who is trying to get into crafting? Maybe someone who just picked up a new hobby? Look no further than the Excel Blades Cutting Kit!  We have an artist set that’s the best gift to get them because it’s a starter set which includes a 5.5” x 9.5” self healing PVC cutting mat (which is phthalate free), an Excel Blades K1 Aluminum Knife, and a 5 pack of #11 replacement blades. These beginner tools can be used on paper, cardstock, stencils, film, photographs, tape, plastic, cork, wood, vinyl, cloth, leather, cardboard, foam boards and most other light-weight crafting materials. So, whatever project they decide to take on, this starter kit will get them going!

Excel Blades Knife and Cutting Mat Set

For Everyday use:  
Do you need a gift for grandma? Maybe you know someone with hand pain or someone who needs carpel tunnel relief? Many people experience pain when doing repetitious movements and it could lead to long lasting issues. Give them the gift of being pain-free this holiday season with Comfort Grip Scissors. These scissors are made of stainless steel with a sharp blade.  The spring-loaded assist and soft comfort grip make these scissors the best tool to be used on paper, cardstock, stencils, film, photographs, tape, plastic, cork, wood, vinyl, cloth, leather, cardboard, foam boards and most other light-weight crafting materials. The best part? They are right-handed and left-handed scissors! These are a great gift for anyone in your life who needs some relief for their hands!

Comfortable Scissors
The Home DIYer:
Some people are constantly updating their house, even if it’s minor projects. These people can be hard to find good gifts for because everything is constantly changing around them. So, get them a gift that will help them make these changes! The Mitre box kit is the ideal DIY tool for men and women alike. It can be used for small DIY molding and framing projects around the house that might include cutting wood, plastic, or metal. The Mitre Box Set comes equipped with K5 Heavy Duty Handle and Saw blade made from aluminum and steel. The aluminum construction Mitre Box has slots for three cutting angles, which makes it perfect for guiding a hand saw.  The 5" steel pull saw blade has 46 teeth per inch. Your home DIYer can do tons of different projects with this tool set which makes it one of the best gifts for men or DIYers!

Mitre Box and Razor Saw Set
The Handy Man:
Where do you acquire your handyman services? Your dad? Maybe your mom is the handywoman? To whoever is the handy-person in your life, getting them the Handy Man Set.  This set will keep them going with any projects they take on! This hobby craft set is used for wood carving, scrapbooking, paper cutting, cake decorating, model making, sculpting, polymer clay and trimming leather, cardboard, foam board, linoleum and more, so whatever they need to do, this set has them covered. This tool set includes one K2 medium duty aluminum knife, the K7 carving knife, and 7 different blades for whatever their need may be. All of this is packaged in a classic wooden box with a clasp lock so all you have to do is put a bow on it! And now you have the perfect gift for dad or whoever deserves to be treated!
 tool set knife hobby set

The Baker/ Cake Decorator:
Do you know someone who makes beautiful cookie and cake designs? Whether they do it for fun or professionally, they could benefit from getting a pounce wheel set as a Christmas gift! This 3-piece Excel Pounce Wheel Set is the perfect embossing tool and perforator with three hardened serrated steel tracing wheel heads for any project. They’ll be able to imprint dotted or dashed details, which is great for creating a quilted look, tracing a stencil, or outlining an area that needs to be painted. The pounce wheel is such a versatile tool that no matter what medium they work in, this tool will be a game changer for their lines and patterns. Some artists even find that it helps with painting! This tool will make a difference in their work so help them enhance their projects with this American made aluminum tool!
Pounce Rotary Set Embossing Tool 

The Sewer:
Some people just have the gift of sewing, and this professional grade carbon steel blade can cut through many different fabrics. Just an example of a few types of fabrics it can be used on: velvet, crepe, silk, satin, chiffon and even linen! It can even cut up to 6 layers at once for optimal efficiency. The rotary cutter will provide fine-tuned accuracy for cutting not only fabric, but a wide range of other mediums such as fabric and vinyl. Give your artist the tools to take their project to the next level with this professional rotary cutter!

Rotary Cutter
No matter who you’re buying for, the most important aspect of gift giving is the love behind it. Gift giving should be fun, because we want to give our loved ones something that they will cherish, even better if it serves a functional purpose as well. If one present isn’t enough, a great way to spruce up the gift even more, is building the rest of the gift around that! If you’re buying for a paper artist, get them a new tool that will help with their hobby, but include a pack of paper and some glue. It’ll show that you really thought about what you were giving them and care about their interests! Taking a few extra moments to show someone you care this holiday season could mean the world to them.