Retractable Air Release Tool #60 Blue 0.060"

Excel Blades – Retractable Awl .060


One of Excel Blades most unique and sought-after products. The Excel Blades Retractable Awl is a stylish light weight tool, 100% Made in the USA with an aluminum body and includes a .060" steel tip. It is crafted specifically to fit in one’s pocket for quick storage, as well as, easy and safe travel. Included with clip to fit to any compartment

The Retractable Awl is created within our own factory and is reinforced to ensure long lasting use. Its versatility enables this tool to be pivotal in both the classroom and in the studio. This item is best utilized for etching, marking and scoring leather, paper, wood, plastic, making holes and fine lines, removing stitches, and releasing air bubbles.

Made in the USA.