Black Sanding Stick with #600 Grit belt

The Excel Blades Sanding Stick With 1 #600Grit Belt contains one Black Sanding Stick and one (1) #600 grit belt. The Sanding Stick is made of impact combating plastic with spring tensioned technology. The #600 Grit Belt is designed ideally for sanding, deburring, grinding, shaping and finishing and array of materials.

The Sanding Stick and #600 Grit Belt combination is perfect for sanding hard to reach places. The design of the sanding stick allows you to fully control and rotate the belt, so all areas of the belt may be utilized. The spring-loaded tensioner allows the belt to stay in place and the tapered end permits easy access for detailing. The sturdy aluminum oxide sanding belt is perfect for grinding, general sanding and will achieve ultimate smoothness.Sanding sticks come in assorted colors to easily identify grit. All belt grits are compatible with all colored sticks.

Includes one (1) Green Sanding Stick 6 ¼” X ¼”

Includes one (1) #600 Grit Belt.

Made in the USA and Germany.