#27 Saw Blade - 5 PCS

Excel Blades - #27 Saw Blade

Excel Blades #27 Saw Blade is a precision instrument engineered for heavy duty cutting. We coat the blade with a thin layer of oil for rust protection.  This versatile replacement blade fits all standard medium to heavy duty craft knives including Xacto Knife. 
Made in the USA, the #27 Saw Blade is best for cutting through brass tube, solid rod stock, plastic, wood, soft or thin metals, balsa wood, forge world resin, cork, foam, card-stock, pumpkin carving and most other medium to heavy duty crafting.  This blade is used by model makers, graphic artists, designers, hobbyist, scrapbook artists, wood carvers, pumpkin carvers and crafters.

The #27 Saw Blade fits with Excel Blades K2, K5 & K6
Includes a pack of (5) #27 Saw Blades
L – 3.130/ H – 0.310/ E – 2.455/ S – 0.130/ T – 0.025/ TPI – 15
Made in the USA