#28 Concave Blade - 5 PCS

Excel Blades - #28 Concave Carving Blade

Excel Blades #28 Concave Carving Blade is a heavy-duty blade designed for whittling, carving and the initial shaping of a variety of different materials.  The carving blade makes it easy to move from rougher shaping cuts to more intricate cuts without needing to change knives.  We coat the blade with a thin layer of oil for rust protection.  This versatile replacement blade fits all standard medium to heavy duty craft knives including Xacto Knife. 
Made in the USA, the #28 Concave Carving Blade is engineered for heavy duty carving, whittling, reaming and shaving of linoleum, plastic, leather, wood, soap, plastic, rubber, cork, foam, pumpkin carving and most other medium to heavy duty materials.  This blade is used by model makers, graphic artists, designers, hobbyist, scrapbook artists, sculptors, wood carvers, pumpkin carvers and crafters.

The #28 Concave Carving Blade fits with Excel Blades K2, K5 & K6
Includes a pack of (5) #28 Concave Carving Blades
L – 1.780/ H – 0.440/ E – 1.082/ S – 0.345/ T – 0.025
Made in the USA