Deluxe Headband Magnavisor



Excel Blades Deluxe Headband Magnavisor
  • Four different self-contained magnifications are possible using this head-mounted magnifier: 1.8x, 2.3x, 3.7x and 4.8x. 
  •  Perfect for hobbyists and designers alike, this powerful, highest quality magnifier headband 
  •  The magnify visor holds the lenses a few inches away from the face, so there is no need to remove eye glasses.
  • Ideal for performing close and detailed work involving small and very fine materials, such as jewelry-making or repair.
  • The fully adjustable head strap on this head magnifier visor utilizes a hook-and-loop system, offering a 100% hands-free solution for when you want to work on small objects, hobbys and crafts.
  • Available in Purple, Grey, and Black

Deluxe Headband Magnavisor

Deluxe Headband Magnavisor


Made with excel blades

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