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About Us (Old Site)

Excel Blades is a family owned and operated manufacturing company based out of Paterson, New Jersey, USA. We have been operating for the past 30 years as one of the leading knife, blades and precision tool companies in the United States. Our broad spectrum of precision tools are made to meet the most demanding and precise applications. We are proud to say that over 65% of our line is manufactured and produced in our factories in New Jersey. The products we do import come from trusted manufactures we have been working with for 25 years. Each of these products endures regular quality testing and must meet our standards of use. These high performance products are used in a variety of fields including industrial, education, office supply, crafts, hobby modeling, culinary, fashion, pool service and electrical.

What do we stand for?

Due to our humble roots, it is of utmost importance to us to employ Americans and support economic growth. In the last decade thousands of companies have moved overseas or have automated their companies, something we just do not stand for. You can be sure that when you buy Excel products, Americans are hard at work.

We believe in our industry. Not only do we look to improve the precision tool market through quality and customer service, but we look to improve our community. We love our customers; everyone from dealers to distributors to end consumers. We are proud to serve them. Every year you can find us at trade shows, not just to make business connections, but to meet all of the craftsmen and women who use our products in their everyday lives. This is why we created our featured artist page, to proudly show off all of their work! We believe strongly in the magic of creativity, and look to support all of our customers’ needs, from inception to finished product.

We believe in responsibility. All too often companies do not take responsibility for failing products or poor customer service. With other companies, you may sit on hold for 20 minutes just to speak to someone because their product failed you. We guarantee that will never happen with an Excel product. We take pride in every product we ship, and we want you to be happy with it. It is our duty to serve you as best as we can, because you are the reason we are here today. You spend hard earned cash on our products, so you deserve to be treated well.

Why Excel Products?

Our first and foremost priority is to produce American quality products while helping employ as many Americans as we can from our local community. You can be sure that when you buy an Excel Blades product, you are helping to expand the economic growth of our country through small business, not giant corporations. As consumers of our own products, we only want the best and will settle for nothing else.

What is the difference between Excel and other leading competitors?

Here at Excel, we do not seek to eliminate our workforce through automation, but to improve our products and services though training. Each of our products in inspected by humans because we value an educated work force. If by chance, you have any issue or concern with one of our products, you can give us a call and find an Excel employee willing to help you immediately, not a pesky automated machine. We always have product in stock and pride ourselves on 24 hour shipping. 

All of our wonderful customers allowed us to run a successful company for 25 years, even during the economic downturn and we look to return the favor. Small businesses are the backbone of the United States and we will always support them in any way we can.