Excel Culture

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Double Honed Carbon Steel Blade – We hold all of our products to the Excel standard, with a rigorous look into quality of materials, hardness, and edge. That means when you use a product from Excel with a blade, you know that you are getting the most effective blade on the market.

At the of the day end we really mean it when we say, Our Edge Makes the Difference. We lead the industry in edge sharpness. No other company produces an uncoated blade as sharp or longer lasting that ours. It is due to our unwavering dedication to quality of product. To achieve this, we add a secondary process no others will attempt, double honing. This process allows the blades to have a cleaner less jagged edge of a single hone. At the end it provided for an easier cut with less effort. [columns action="end item"][columns action="new item"]


High Grade Machined Aluminum –Not all aluminum is created the same. The specification and type of aluminum that we use is tailored for our high standard. As such we can only source from a very select group of mills. Using our blend and mills allows us to produce a perfect part every time.

Free Shatter Resistant Safety Caps – Unlike our competitors, we don’t believe you should have to pay extra for your safety. To reduce the risk of accidents safety caps are always provided for free. Our caps have been put through rigorous testing to make sure that they will resist shattering or break apart. Because our products are packaged within the United States, our safety standards are up to par with standards that are only found in America. [columns action="end item"][columns action="new item"]

Quality Control

We do not compromise our products, so each and every blade is guaranteed to be made from properly heat treated high carbon steel. Carbon steel is the best and most cost effective option for precision cutting. Our quality carbon steel is unmatched and fits only our specifications. Most others pick up scrap or junk steel and bring it to rough spec, while we define the specs and have our steel blended specifically for our needs. This allows us to produce a blade with higher hardness* yet more flexible blade. * Hardness can be defined by the increase in resistance to deformation.

American Made Components – It is hard to deny that American made products are of the highest quality. By purchasing Excel products; you are supporting not only an American manufacturer, but American workers. We are thankful to our loyal customers as they help keep the American economy growing. Companies that manufacture abroad are not subject to the high standard of product safety as Excel is. By purchasing Excel products, you can be sure that our products meet the American standards of quality to keep you safe. [columns action="end item"][columns action="new item"]


As consumers of our own products, we know that versatility in product is key. It is important to us to stock items to fit your every needs. From industrial needs in the warehouse to precision tools in the art studio, Excel continues to expand its portfolio yearly. We carry over 50 blades alone. Over the years, it has been our customers that have guided our stock choices through their requests. We take your suggestions personally, as we always look to make the end user happy with their needs fulfilled. [columns action="end item"][columns action="end grid"]