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The Best Hobby Knife on the market? Oh yeah!

Learn more about the best hobby knife sets, knives and blades Excel Blades has to offer.

Excel Blades has a long history and tradition of producing hobby knives in our Paterson manufacturing facility. We only produce the best quality knives and blades. Each piece is handmade, so we know our customers are only receiving high quality and high performing knives and blades. Our products can be used for so many types of projects, including but not limited to, paper art, fine art, quilling, leather works, stamp making, car wrapping, model building, RC, cosplay and much, much more. Our product line is not just limited to knives and blades either. We offer clamps, rulers, routers, gouges, rotary cutters, tool sets, hemostats, cutting mats and more!



We also offer a variety of different types and styles of knives and blades. Our most popular hobby knife is our K1 aluminum body knife. This is equipped with our super fine point #11 blade. Any artist, crafter or handy person will have this hobby knife in their toolbox, as it is essential to almost any craft or DIY project. It also includes a four-jawed slot in the screw which holds the blade, this is a unique feature to Excel Blades, which is what makes it one of the best knives on the marke. You can be sure that the blade will not wiggle or move while you are using it. In fact, all of our hobby knives include this special screw for blade security. Here at Excel Blades, we value our customers’ safety, which is why all our knives come with a safety cap at no additional cost to you.

Spice up your toolbox with our K18 Grip On Knife. Another best seller, the K18 comfort grip hobby knife is sure to be your new favorite. This may be our most photographed knife, because it comes in an assortment of colors, including red, blue, black, grey, green, purple and blue. Who says tools have to be boring? The K18 includes a rubberized handle around the body of the knife which is especially helpful if you are using the knife over long periods of time. Another awesome feature of this knife comes from the shaft, or body of the knife. It has a hexagonal shape, which stops it from rolling off your table or desk. Yet another safety feature that our brand offers, that you won’t find anywhere else.

It is important to note that all of our hobby knives come with our #11 blade as a standard, however they do fit all of our light duty blades. On each product page, you can see a list of all the blades that fit each handle, and vice versa. This is an important feature, as no two blades are alike! It is a great opportunity to customize your knife to your specific needs and projects. We offer all the blades in 5 packs, as well as in bulk 100 packs. On certain items we even offer 1,000 piece packs.

Best Hobby Knife Blades!

Excel Blades also offers a multitude of hobby knife sets. Our #44828 Hobby Knife Set is one of our bestselling tool sets. You can consider this a “best of” collection from Excel Blades. In this set, you will receive our light duty K1 hobby knife, the K2 medium duty hobby knife, and finally the K5 heavy duty hobby knife. It also includes an assortment of 10 different types of blades. The set comes in a beautiful wooded box, which allows you to organize and lock your products away. The Hobby Knife Set is most versatile hobby knife set we offer, because it could be used for general purpose, as well as specific projects.

Our Hobby Knife Set not what you’re looking for? No problem! We have over 10 other sets for sale! We also offer work working sets, railroad building sets, and even model building sets. Each set includes blades, at least one hobby knife, and an assortment of tools. And depending on your project, the different hobby knife blades can be used interchangeably with the knives, allowing you to work on projects from paper crafts to wood working.

For example, the Builders Hobby Knife Set includes hobby K1 hobby knife, our K5 heavy duty knife, a sanding stick, mitre box, saw blade, two sizes of clamps, drills, a screw driver, a pin vise, and 3 assorted hobby knife blades. As you can imagine, the possibilities with this tool set is endless! What would you make with these tools? On each product page, we list what you will be getting with the tool set, so you never have to guess.

For those looking for more heavy duty hobby knives, Excel Blades has you covered. One of our best selling heavy duty tools is our K7 Carving knife. This carving blade is perfect for heavy duty projects, and we offer 12 different hobby knife blades, which fit that handle. This handle comes with a slot in the middle for blade security. The handle is ergonomic for a more comfortable fit, especially for those who are using it on long term projects. This handle fits both carving blades and our gouges, so you can always find the perfect fit for your project. Another great way to use this tool is for lino cutting and stamp making. Our gouge assortment allows you to pick the perfect shape to remove negative space on the printing block.

If you are looking to work on cutting thicker materials like foam board, thick card stock or balsa wood, look no further than our K5 Heavy Duty Hobby Knife. This comes equipped with our #24 blade, which is replaceable. The bulky injection molded handle is perfect for heavier uses and provides durability. This is an iconic hobby knife, with it’s red handle, perhaps as well-known as our K1 aluminum knife and a staple in every toolbox.

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