Wholesale Sign-Up


Looking to purchase Excel merchandise to add to your inventory? By definition, wholesale means ordering in bulk to get a substantial discount for the purposes of reselling those items in your business. There is no cost to sign up for a wholesale account, but you must complete the following steps: following steps:

  1. Create an account
  2. Request that we convert your account to a wholesale account by emailing info@excelblades.com.
  3. Include your business name, your full contact information including name, email address, billing/shipping address, website, tax ID, and resale tax certificate number for verification. If this information is not included in your email, your account will not be processed.

Other things to know: 

  1. Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing your account. 
  2. After your application has been approved, you should be able to purchase. Please allow up to 24 hours for the website to update.
  3. Please note if you are a wholesaler through our website, you must pay with credit card. Terms are not extended via web. 
  4. If you are a wholesale customer with terms, please send your POs to orders@Excelblades.com. The website is a separate entity and cannot accommodate any in-house wholesale customers. 


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