12 Mini Files, 4"

Excel Blades Assorted Mini Files set is a high-quality steel file set containing a possible profile set of two (2) miniature each of the square, round, triangle, flat, knife, equaling and half-round files and a hardwearing interchangeable handle. All files are made ideally for shaping and deburring an array of materials. Including, but not limited to a selection of diverse materials such as, metals, plastics, wood etc.

Made of heavy-duty steel, all the files in the Excel Blades Assorted File Set are durable, sturdy and coarse making them the ideal files for hobby, model making, and wood working. Along with its many uses, the Excel Blades Assorted Mini File set is perfect for projects involving precision filing and detailing.  The vinyl packaging included is ideal for storage.

Includes a miniature set of (2) two possible 2 square, 2 round, 2 half-round, 2 triangles, 2 equaling, 2 knife and 2 flat files.

These files can be used with our aluminum vise, product #70001

Includes (2) individual file, 4in.- 10.1cm.