( 4 ) Asst. Coping Saw Blades, 7" Long

Excel Blades – Assorted Coping Saw Blades


One of Excel Blades strongest and most reliable blades. The Excel Blades Coping Saws are lightweight saw blades crafted specifically to fit in the Coping Saw handle. These thin blades are made for the projects that clearly require more power and precision than most tools you will find at a tool shop.

These blades are best utilized for cutting wood, plastic, rubber, PVC pipe, pumpkin, cardboard, styrofoam, and thin metal. Adjusting the controls on the Coping Saw handle will allow for exact tension and precision.


( 2 ) #1 Coping Saw Blades

( 1 ) #2 Coping Saw Blade

( 1 ) #3 Coping Saw Blade

These blades fit the following handles only: # 55676

Made in the USA