Front Load Retractable Heavy Duty Utility Knife with 3 Blades

Excel Blades - K880 Front-Loading Utility Knife

Excel Blades K880 Front Loading Utility Knife is a multifunctional knife that features a quick release button to load and unload blades quickly, a rear storage compartment and a cord cutting slot.  This utility knife can only be used with 2 notch utility blades.
The Front-Loading Utility Knife is the perfect tool for all heavy-duty projects like cutting, trimming and stripping of cardboard, paper, plastic, canvas, card-stock, sheetrock, foam boards, tape, wood, polymer clay, vinyl, cloth, film, cork, model making, and other heavy-duty materials.  This knife is typically used by hobbyist, scrapbook artists, architects, paper artists, graphic artists, designers, crafters, homeowners, contractors, carpenters and can be found on most utility belts. 

The K880 Front Loading Utility Knife fits with Excel Blades #92
Includes (1) K880 Front Loading Utility Knife with rear storage compartment and cord cutting slot and (3) #92 .024in 2-Notch Utility Blade