6" x 12" Designer's Small L-Square Ruler



Excel Blades x Alumicolor 6" x 12" Designer's Small L-Square Ruler

  • With the help of Alumicolor, we now bring you an exclusive "L" shaped ruler. 6" on the shorter shaft and 12" on the longer shaft.
  • Used with: Wood, steel, plaster walls, PVC, paper, card-stock, stencils, film, photographs, tape, plastic, cork, vinyl, cloth, leather, cardboard, foam boards, pumpkins, and more.
  • Used for: Construction projects, professional environments, clay modeling, wood worker, crafting, hobbies, jewelry making, etc.
  • Used by: Contractors, office personnel, architects, sculptors, graphic artists, car wrappers, designers, hobbyists, and crafters.
  • Imperial Measurement Ruler


6" x 12" Designer's Small L-Square Ruler

6" x 12" Designer


Made with excel blades

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