How to Make a Vision Board

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you might end up someplace else.” - Yogi Berra

We all dream and want to bring something new to life. Whether it’s self-improvement, a dream apartment or a career path, all our grand visions need a little help to be brought into focus so we can find the right path to success.

Without a clear path, it can be hard to focus your efforts on the right tasks that help you attain the end goal. In order to succeed, first you need to know exactly what you want and then work towards it. We need to visualize the end result and plan our days and weeks ahead to stay on course. 

A vision board is a technique for pinpointing and refining a dream. This is an amazing tool that helps see the goal and the path toward achieving it. 

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is an arrangement of collected images that represent your dreams or goals. It’s a collage of all the things that you want to achieve. These boards can be a long-term plan or motivation for a short-term goal.

Create a vision board to manifest your dream future self or outline your career path. No matter how big or small, these are your dreams of a perfect life, and the board can help to stay on track by visually representing your target. 

The finished boards should be placed where they can be seen often. For example, on the door so it’s the first thing you see before you step outside. Others may hang it on the closet door or even digitize the board and set it as a background image on their computers. 

What to Include on a Vision Board?

Any imagery, quotes or findings that align with your goals. Photos of cities or places you want to be in or that invoke the lifestyle you want to live. Colors that set the vibe of the life you want to live and quotes that motivate you to be the best version of your future self. 

Use magazine tear sheets, postcards, fabrics and photographs that represent that ultimate goal or get you motivated. 

Small items that have meaning or sentimental value that will help propel your vision forward can also be included, like a keepsake that reminds you of a wonderful feeling that you’d want to relive in the future. 

Nothing is off limits, the most important thing is to include only the things that will help you to focus on and achieve your dreams. A board can be very specific and hone in on one idea, whereas others can be a grand vision of a 5-year-plan. 

How do Vision Boards Work?

It’s not magic. You’re still going to have to work on your goals to get to where you want to be. Vision boards are a visual tool to help your mind focus on the objectives and stay focused. It’s a daily reminder of what you set out to do. That’s why it’s important to display the vision board in a place where it will be seen often. And it’s a relaxing arts and crafts project too! 

How to Make a Vision Board?

Here we are, at the main event of this article. First, consider what it is that you want. Write it down. Think about the vibe and what evokes positive feelings and how they fit into the bigger picture of your dream. 

Then look through magazines and the stacks of retail mailers we all get in our mailbox. Search through social media like Pinterest and print out what speaks to your soul. For example, if you’re thinking about moving to a beach town, use clippings of palm trees and the oceanside on your vision board. Find an image of a beach bungalow; include color chips or fabric scraps that represent the vibe of the town you’d like to move to. 

Look for quotes or poems that express your thoughts and dreams to include on the board in a creative way that aligns with the rest of the visual pieces. 

The Step-By-Btep:

You’ll need a few art supplies and craft tools to complete this project:

  • Board - poster board, cardboard, magnetic board 
  • Clippings, magazine cut-outs, old photos and findings that represent your vision
  • Hobby knife
  • Fresh blades
  • Precision tools
  • Scissors
  • Glue or double-sided tape (pins or magnets if you’re using a cork or magnet board)
  • Cutting mat

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Turn on music or a podcast that reflects your aspirations to further immerse yourself in the vision. If moving to Paris is the goal; try one of the many Parisian cafe playlists available on YouTube or Spotify. 

Start by laying out the images and items loosely on your board. Arrange and rearrange until you’re happy with the representation of your vision and the general layout. Consider if the photos and colors complement each other. Think about if all the imagery represents your dreams and if the images motivate you. Take away what you don’t need, keep only what you do. Have fun with this! 

Cut around anything from the magazine tear sheets that you don’t want to include on your board. For example, cut off the verbiage and slogan from the ad page of the red convertible sports car, you don’t need the full-page ad. 

Magazine pages are thin and tend to rip easily, so use a sharp blade with your craft knife when cutting. Always use a cutting mat when cutting with craft knives. This helps to keep the blades sharper longer and protects your table surface from damage. 

For cutting small details try a Lexan scissor, these have a short cutting edge for more control. If you are gluing small details like keepsake buttons or coins from distant travels, use stainless steel tweezers for accurate placement. This trick keeps your hands free of glue too. 

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Tweak and adjust as you glue or pin the images to your board until you’re happy with the way it looks. Display it in an area where you’re sure to see it often to keep your vision fresh and clear. By ritually looking at your vision board you’re creating motivational thoughts. However you implement it into your routine, it’s important that you take action. 

Develop the skills you need for the job you want. Set money aside for the purchases you want to make and plan the trips you want to go on. Strategy and planning are key. Consider a vision board for all your New Year’s resolutions at the end of each year. By reflecting on the achievements in the previous months you can get ahead by outlining your goals and objectives for the new year. Is the upcoming year going to be the year when you take up woodworking or cosplay? Or will you finally take that trip to Thailand? 

Refresh your vision board with new images when you feel stuck or unmotivated. Create a new board once your goals have been accomplished.