Hobby Sets

Hobby Knife Sets

Maybe you have years of experience as a hobbyist working with wood, clay or paper.

Or perhaps you're diving into a new crafting hobby. Either way, a quality craft knife set is essential for doing your best work on a project.

We have an impressive selection of knife sets at Excel Hand Tools & Blades. Also, check out our cutting mats to protect your work area. You're sure to find exactly what you need to make your next craft project your absolute favorite!

Woodworking Knives and Tools

Making wooden planters, candle holders, picture frames and other projects all require woodworking knives with precision cutting action. Our knife sets and tools for woodworking contain several types of blades perfect for trimming, shaping, removing layers and more.

Plus, our sets of knives and tools come in a solid carry case to keep your blades, gouges, routers and handles secure.

Builder's Knives

If you're a hobbyist who loves building everything from birdhouses to bookshelves, you need access to a varied collection of knives and tools.

Our builder sets contain durable knives along with a choice of blades made to suit your current project. Reach into your handy carry case to grab a well-made knife, clamp or saw to keep your building project going strong.

Modeling Knives and Tools

Creating model railroads, airplanes and more is precise work. Our modeler's tool kits feature hobby knives and blades of various sizes. So, when you're working on your model airplane, you can choose a blade perfect for fashioning the plane's axle. And, when you switch gears to your model railroad, you can select a blade ideal for creating scenery around the tracks.

Dependable Craft Knife Sets

At Excel Blades, our craft knife sets puts a collection of professional-quality knives and tools at your fingertips.