Sanding Sticks

When crafters need to sand, they need to do so with an utterly deft touch.

Crafters aren’t going after tasks with a belt sander. Nope, large-scale heavy-duty sanding tasks aren’t the kind of action items that pop up in the craft studio. Indeed, when hobbyists need to smooth a surface, they need a tool that allows for precision — indeed, they need a sandpaper stick from Excel Blades. 

Our sanding sticks not only allow for the kind of precision work a crafter so badly requires, but they come with a tapered tip that makes them ideal for sanding difficult to reach places that you simply cannot access with a standard sheet of sandpaper. Excel sanding sticks come with an intelligent design that allows you to fully control and rotate the sanding belt, making it so you can easily utilize all areas of the belt. 

Each Excel Blades sanding stick is made of impact-combating plastic with spring-tensioned technology and is available in a wide selection of grits, ranging from #80 to #600. Our sanding belts are composed of sturdy aluminum oxide, making them absolutely ideal for wood sanding, deburring, grinding, shaping and putting that ultra smooth finishing touch on a vast array of materials. 

So whether you are looking to nix the rough edges from pieces of the model you’re building, you’re honing some ridiculously fashionable pieces of jewelry or you’re wrapping up a masterpiece in your woodshop, you can trust that Excel Blades sanding sticks are perfect for your crafting needs.