Woodworking Hand Tools

K1 Craft Knife

K1 Craft Knife

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Woodworking Hand Tools

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com/collections/craft">craft tools from Excel Blades. Our high-quality tools can make short work of that tough wood. From carving tools to sanding belts, our inventory is varied enough to serve the most advanced woodworkers in the industry.

Replacement Pieces

Woodworking is inherently hard on the tools involved. Thankfully, Excel Blades carries various blade sizes and shapes. Replace any broken tools with our stock, including craft knives, carving routers, gouges and more. 

Convenient Sets

Our professional hobby knife sets and woodworking sets can get you going quickly if you're just getting into woodworking. They come with the basics, including small and carving blades, so you know you have everything to try out this fascinating skill.

Excel Blades also carries different drill bit sets in numerous sizes. Adding in various drill bits can allow you to drill holes in many types of wood and other materials. You'll see your skills improve as your woodworking tools become more refined on each project.

Fine Details

Woodworkers need those precision tools to finalize their vision. Look for mushroom pin vises, mini hammers and nail setters. Stock up on essentials that might include a tape measure, too. Excel Blades also carries power tools, such as our wood-burning pyrography set.

Woodworking Tools for the Artist in You

Browse our wood crafting tools to find the perfect solution to your woodworking challenge. High-quality instruments can help you achieve your project goals.