Pin Vises

The term pin vise refers to a small tool used in working with wood crafts, electronics, watch repair, and jewelry making.

Pin vises come in a variety of designs and sizes, and most hobbyists consider them a quintessential tool in their hobby tool kit, along with a Dremel, tweezers, and sanding pads.

Pin Vise Tool

A pin vise tool resembles a typical drill. This type uses a manual action that works well on small objects that require fine work. It can hold a minuscule drill bit, a wire, or a pin. The device can easily fit inside a dollhouse or a watch.

Pin Vise Drills

The term pin vise drill refers to a pen-shaped manual drill with an adjustable collet or collar that lets the individual tighten or loosen the collet to change drill bits. A pin vise hand drill uses tiny drill bits for extremely close work.

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