Weeding Pens and Tips

In the wide world of crafting, weeding isn’t an event relegated specifically to the garden.

Now, of course, it is true that when crafters get down to the business of weeding, they are in fact ridding the pesky and unwanted from their work, but when hobbyists use the term, it’s generally in reference to removing excess vinyl and heat transfer from a little piece of vinyl work.

And as anyone who’s worked with the medium of vinyl knows, the right weeding tools for vinyl can propel your craft work to the next level. Without question, the right tools give your vinyl work an unmistakably professional quality, making even the greenest rookies appear just as vinyl-savvy as veteran vinylers who may be equipped with inferior tools. 

Yes, our vinyl weeding tools are must-haves for all of you vinylers out there who are committed to producing professional quality work. If you’re here, you’re in this camp. But it’s also true that an Excel awl tool is ideal for work on a wide array of materials beyond vinyl. They are great allies when working with leather, paper, wood, plastic and fondant. 

So when you need a tool that’s perfect for removing negative space while you work with adhesive-based materials or you need to free those aforementioned surface-marring air bubbles, choose an Excel vinyl weeding tool. But understand that our awls come in handy for all sorts of craft studio tasks, including etching, marking and scoring, making holes and fine lines, removing stitches and the releasing of air bubbles trapped under surfaces.