Craft Tools

K1 Craft Knife

K1 Craft Knife

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Tracing Wheel

Tracing Wheel

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Tools for Crafts

Whether you’re tackling a professional crafting project or exploring a new hobby, using the right tool improves the quality of your work.

Excel Blades has a selection of crafting tools to make your next project a success!

Knives and Cutting Tools

From creating holiday decorations out of construction paper to making picture frames with foam board, you need a sturdy craft knife to get the project looking just right. Our selection of tools for crafts includes hobby knives in a variety of sizes with blades available in multiple lengths. We have a collection of knives that provide you with precise cutting action.

To keep your workspace in top condition, pair your cutting tools with a durable cutting mat. Our cutting mats give you peace of mind while protecting your kitchen countertop, dining room table or any other surface in your work area.

Embossing Tools

A collection of reliable embossing tools comes in handy for dozens of craft projects. Use our embossing tools to personalize your notecards and other stationery. Select a stylus with a tip that gives you the exact line you’re looking for, whether it’s a stencil for a leather belt, a clay mug or a Halloween pumpkin! Change the tip to suit the project.

Tweezing Tools

Taking on a project with small details such as sequins, beads or tiny tassels requires exact work. We offer a selection of tweezers that are easy to grip and maneuver, helping you put every tiny item into place. Our tools are made of lasting materials and are easy to clean.

High-Quality Tools for Crafts

Our inventory of tools and supplies can help to make any creative project a standout. Check out our first-rate selection today!