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Measuring Tools

Every project needs good measuring tools.

Without accurate measurements, your parts won't fit together right. Before you start working on a project, ensuring you have the correct ruler tools for each job can reduce frustration and mistakes. It can also dramatically improve the final results.

Measuring Rulers

A basic measurement tool for measuring small distances is the measuring ruler. A good ruler also provides a straight edge to ensure your final piece has straight lines. Specialist rulers are also available at Excel Blades with scale unit conversions to ensure your model is true to scale.

Measuring rulers are usually made of metal. They are either a single straight piece or have a built-in precise right angle (called a square) to guide cutting tools. A high-quality square is the only way to ensure your lines are straight and your angles are precise. After you have measured and cut your materials, use a pair of stainless steel tweezers to assemble your craft or project together.

Tape Measures

For measuring larger distances, you'll need a tape measure. Tape measures come in various lengths. Most have a brake and an automatic power return that rewinds the tape inside its case after you finish making your measurements. A quality tape measure is marked on both sides for ease of use and is made out of sturdy aluminum.

Our Selection of Tools

Before you get started on your next project, make sure you have the right tools on hand. Do you need a square? A scale ruler? A measuring tape? How about a ruler that is resistant to specific solvents? Take a look at our wide selection of measuring tools and enjoy your next venture!