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K1 Craft Knife

K1 Craft Knife

From $4.45

Whether you’re a dedicated professional or a weekend dabbler who simply enjoys a little regenerative time in the craft room, you should choose high-quality hobby knives tailor-made for precision work.

Excel crafting knives are perfect for detailed cutting, carving, stenciling and more, lending their precision utility to a wide array of surfaces and making them the ideal craft knife for everything from woodworking to model making to scrapbooking and beyond. 

Indeed, an Excel hobby knife is the go-to choice for everyone from architects and graphic designers to leisure-time scrapbookers and model builders who demand tools that allow for exactitude, all the way down to the itty-bitty details which provide an unmistakably professional sheen to even the greenest amatuer’s work. 

Whatever your cutting needs, we have you covered, offering everything from our highly regarded craft knives to safety scrapers, finger knives, utility blades and more. If you need a craft knife, you can trust that Excel has the just right blade for you.

So whether you’re cutting paper in your art studio, designing a trendy piece of jewelry, doing a little bit of vinyl work or decorating a birthday cake like a true cake boss, you’ll undoubtedly find that a hobby cutter from Excel is a clutch addition to each and every craft kit. 

Our standard hobby knife comes with a #11 blade and a safety cap. And when your crafting knife finally needs a new blade, you can return your knife to precision-cutting glory with an Excel replacement blade.