A reliable pair of needle nose pliers is a clutch addition to every crafter’s and craftsman’s workkit.

Their long nose, tapering jaws and pointed tip provide remarkable and much needed versatility, giving users a tool that lends itself to a wide array of uses, from gripping and bending to snipping small-gauge wire. Hobby needle nose pliers are also built to delve into tight spaces, making them an especially handy item to have at your side when your work requires intricacy and precision — something you simply cannot get from your bulky pair of basic pliers. 

With a design that comes in handy for so many applications, craft pliers are a welcomed tool for artisans, electricians, network engineers, jewelry makers and beyond. From our serrated long nose and long needle nose pliers to our wire cutters, you’ll find pliers built with durability and ease of use in mind, constructed with ultra durable carbon steel that makes them tough and plastic-dipped handles that provide a secure grip and added comfort. Each and every pair of our pliers is also equipped with a spring-loaded design that all but eliminates cramping and fatigue. 

So whether you’re a weekend hobbyist, an electrician, a jeweler or an everyday Mr. or Ms. Fixit, you need a reliable pair of multipurpose pliers that can help you out in a pinch. Go ahead and make sure there’s a pair of Excel pliers in your craft room or toolkit. You’ll inevitably need them, and you’ll be relieved to have them at the ready.