Paper Weaving Ideas for Beginners

Paper weaving is exactly like what it sounds, the art and craft of weaving paper strips to create a pattern or design. Typically, long narrow stips of paper are interlaced horizontally and vertically, but there are advanced techniques to weave the long strips at different angles. 

Paper weaving can be done using all types of paper including craft paper, magazine pages, handmade paper, cardboard and other found papers that can be upcycled into art. This artform is great for experimentation with texture, colors and weaving patterns. 

Below are a few techniques of paper weaving to inspire you. 

Materials and prep:

You’ll need:

  • Colored paper, magazine pages, cardstock or any other paper that’s not too thin
  • Cutting mat
  • Craft knife 
  • Low-tack tape
  • Awl (optional), use this tool for adjusting and positioning paper strips into place

The Basics - Plain Weave:

Pick two colors, cut them into strips -thin or thick. Lay out the one color horizontally, one next to the other. Tape the top ends to the cutting mat and then weave in the second color alternating over-under-over and so on. The next strip will be the opposite, so under-over-under. 


One idea for a variation on the plain weave or basket weave, is to cut wavy strips for the vertical ones. 

Another variation is adding more colors. The more colors the more interesting the weave.

Paper Weaving technique called basket weave

Basket Weave:

Same principle as above, the two colors are woven together, however the pattern is under-under-over-over-under-under and so on. This will give you what’s commonly sometimes referred to as a basket weave

Have fun with trying these techniques!