What are Slant Point Tweezers & What Are They Used For

Slant point tweezers are a versatile type of tweezers specially designed to handle a multitude of tasks including art, crafts, grooming and personal care. These tweezers feature a slanted tip with a fine point. Some common uses for slant point tweezers are:

Slanted Point Tweezer Paper Crafting

Paper Crafting - used to place and precisely position small paper pieces and embellishment elements like rhinestones, sequins or die-cut elements. 

Gluing - the tweezers can help by holding small pieces to apply adhesive and keep fingers and hands glue free. 

excel Blades slant point tweezers rhinestone beauty nail art and decorative art

Beadwork & Jewelry Making - working with small beads, charms and delicate components is easier with slant point tweezers. Use to pick up, attach, place and thread beads and charms onto thread, wire or plastic filament. 

Miniatures & Dioramas - tiny models and dioramas require precise positioning and delicate handling. Slant point tweezers are ideal tool to help when working on detailed miniature pieces. 

Model Making - model trains, model airplanes, model cars etc... require assembly of the intricate parts that come in each kit. Use slant point tweezers to hold, glue, position and manipulate model parts for scale models.

Quilling - precisely and delicately position rolled and shaped pieces of paper in place. 

sublimation slant point tweezers

Sublimation & Vinyl Art - the featured fine points on these tweezers allow for precise working and weeding of vinyl cut decals and decorative elements for vinyl art and sublimation projects. 

Beauty - commonly used in the beauty industry on eyelash extensions and volume lashes. Slanted point tweezers can also be used to groom eyebrows - the slanted tip allows for precise plucking of stray hairs. 

First Aid - slanted point tweezers can be found in first aid kits used for camping, hiking and used for applications like splinter removal.

Tool Tip: keep your tweezers working longer buy cleaning regularly after each use. Keep free of glues and adhesive residues that may impact their functionality.