What is the Swivel Knife and How to Use It.

The Swivel Knife is a specialized knife used in paper and vinyl art. As the name suggests, its main feature is the 360-degree rotating blade which allows for optimum control and precision when cutting, especially on curved lines, rounded corners and small details.

Excel Blades Swivel Knife Infographic

The blade is a small sharp, pointed blade that is easily replaceable once dulled. The swivel blade is angled and uniquely shaped, the back end of the blade is housed in a plastic holder that allows for the easy rotation when in use and a quick change out when needed.

The handle is made from quality aluminum which means it is durable, resistant to wear and tear and is long lasting. The front end is knurled for a better grip during use. 

Excel Blades' Swivel Knife features a removable front end so that the blade can be easily replaced. The #64 Swivel Blade is available as a 2-pack. 

Excel Blades' Swivel Blade K4 in use on paper cut art

Popular and common uses include paper illustration, where the artist cuts wavy or curved and intricate lines or details. When cutting scenery or portraits, the Swivel Knife is a great tool for cutting details like hair, eyes and facial features. In landscape paper illustration the knife can be used to cut water waves, clouds and other complex shapes. 

This knife is a great tool for collage artists where precisely cutting delicate paper is key to the artwork. 

The Swivel Knife can be used on other materials besides paper, including vinyl, film, decals, magazine paper and more! 

And lastly - this tool, like many of our tools, is made in our Paterson, NJ facility. Look for the Made in USA icon on our product descriptions for more American made blades, knives and tools.