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K1 Craft Knife

K1 Craft Knife

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Art Tools

As with any crafting project, you need the right tools, and at Excel Blades, we offer top-quality tools to help you get the desired results.

For example, use high-quality art knives to make sharp, accurate cuts. Otherwise, you may end up starting over when your trusty craft scissors can't cut it. Save yourself time and trouble by stocking up on specially designed craft tools before you begin an art project, and you'll achieve success with fewer false starts.

Why Do I Need a Special Cutting Tool?

Each tool can create a different look when creating a work of art. For example, a utility knife works fine to cut pieces of cardboard. To cut the curves and angles of letters in a modern art stencil for your pen and ink projects, you need precise tools, such as a swivel knife. When you have the right tools for your project, you'll minimize frustration and enjoy the process more.

What Are Different Cutting Tools Designed To Do?

To find the right tool, you need to know what each cutting tool is designed to do. For example, fixed-blade knives are precision cutting tools that feature replaceable blades on a straight handle for exceptional control. A snap-off knife is a type of craft knife offering several snap-off segments for continuous light use in larger art projects. Comfort-grip handle scissors are art scissors that have a soft handle grip that enables you to cut longer without discomfort.

The Right Tool for Your Art

Accurate, precise cuts are key to a professional look. Choose the right cutting tools from Excel Blades for your project to get amazing results.