Art Knives and Blades

Create a story through your art and let us power you through your journey. Whether sculpting, cutting, measuring, or any other task, these tools are sure to impress. 

Knives and blades are used to make cuts in a variety of materials. They include a handle to grip the tool and guide the blade through various materials. Precision knives, which is Excel Blades’ specialty, can be used to make detailed cuts in wood, paper, leather, and other soft materials for design, drafting, and crafting applications. Rotary cutters use their circular blade on its edge to make straight or curved cuts through layers of paper, vinyl, fabric, and rubber. Additionally, utility knives make pull cuts using small, disposable blades attached to the knife handle. These handles can be plastic or metal. They score drywall and insulation and cut cardboard, plastic sheeting, card stock, cord, and more. Snap Off Utility blades are useful because you can break off dulled segments to expose sharp ones. The sliding lever fixed on each blades moves the blade back and forth into the knife handle to retract and extend the cutting edge. Also known as breakaway knives, snap-off utility knives make pull cuts to open boxes, trim dried caulk or paint, and slice through soft materials. They are used for cuts where there's minimal pressure on the blade.