Craft Scissors

A pair of high-quality craft scissors from Excel Blades can help you take a seemingly simple project and make it your own.

You can transform a plain piece of paper into an intricate design with a decorative edge. Our stainless-steel scissors can cut paper, leather, wood, vinyl, foam board and more.

Scissors made for crafts are one of the many types of hobby tools designed for use in various arts and crafts projects. These scissors are especially beneficial for making precision cuts and strategic designs, such as when working on paper crafts where you need every cut to be perfect.

Types of Scissors

We offer a range of scissors to meet various needs. You can choose curved or straight scissors. We also have safety scissors and blunt scissors that are appropriate for the medical professional as well as crafters.

If you love doing art projects but have a hand condition that gets in the way, you may feel that you need to give up a hobby that makes you happy. Specific options, such as scissors with a comfort grip, could provide some relief and help you safely continue your creative projects and daily tasks.

Cut Away

Excel Blades offers a wide range of craft scissors and other tools to help you take your crafting to the next level. Whatever you need to cut, we've got the right instrument for the job.