6 Assorted File Set



Excel Blades - 6 Assorted File Set 


  • Made of Heavy-duty Steel 
  • All the files in the set are durable, sturdy and coarse. Set is perfect for projects involving precision filing, creating grooves, amplifying spaces and smoothing inconsistent surfaces.
  • Used with: Wood, metal, plastic, PVC, leather, cardboard, and foam boards.
  • Used for: Wood working, model making, and construction,  .
  • Used by:Wood workers, model makers, graphic artists, architects, designers, and hobbyists
  • 5.75in-14.6cm
  • Includes assortment of the 6 following files: 1 square, 1 round, 1 half-round, 1 triangle, 1 equaling, and 1 flat files
  • Made in the USA
These files can be used with our aluminum vise handle (70001)
File Handle Not Included

6 Assorted File Set

6 Assorted File Set


Made with excel blades

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