Embossing Tools

Tracing Wheel

Tracing Wheel

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Embossing Tools

Embossing implements creative textured designs or patterns on paper or other materials.

Embossing tools provide a great way to add a unique touch to your sculptures, polymer clay pieces, fabrics, leather, paper crafts and other art projects. With the right tools, you can easily create stunning raised designs. To emboss, you will need the following tools.


We have a variety of styluses, including embossing and double-ended stylus tools. The styluses are perfect for creating delicate and precise designs and patterns.

Tracing Wheels

A tracing wheel can be used to imprint, pattern making, marking and more. This tool is extremely versatile and can be used in sewing, leatherwork, woodworking and sculpting. It’s imperative to have a set of quality tracing wheels to ensure your project is started off on the right foot. 

Get Creative With These Adornment Tools

An embossing tool is essential for many crafters. These items are incredibly versatile, allowing you to easily create intricate designs with various materials. Shop with Excel Blades today! We provide the right high-quality tools for embossing.