30 Degree Snap Blade
30 Degree Snap Blade 30 Degree Snap Blade
Excel Blades - 30 Degree Snap Blade 
Made in the USA, these super sharp 30° utility knife replacement blades are designed to allow you to make the detailed cuts you need, every time.  The Excel 30 Degree Snap Blade with a 6-point carbon steel snap blade, fits standard 9mm knives and is built for trimming wood, plastic, paper, leather, vinyl, and more. It's the industry’s favorite tool for hobbyist, scrapbooking, car wrapping, or as an all-purpose everyday box cutter knife blade.
The tough replacement blade is perfect for home improvements and renovations, the 30-degree tip allows you to operate within tight areas, acting as an alternative to the traditional #11 hobby knife blades. The 6-point snap off blades act as 6 separate blades. When the blade begins to dull, simply snap off the blade for an instantly sharp edge. 
This set includes a bulk pack of one hundred (100) 6-point snap blades measuring 3.1 x 0.35 x 0.015 inches with a 3.1-inch edge.
Made in the USA