Jewelers Saw Blades, #4/0 Saw Blades 72 Teeth/Inch



Excel Blades – #4/0 Jewelers Saw Replacement Blades - 72 Teeth/Inch


One of Excel Blades strongest and most reliable blades.

  • The Excel Blades #4/0 Super Fine Piercing Saw blade is a light weight saw blade crafted for the projects that clearly require more power and precision than most saw blades that you will find at a tool shop. Adjusting the thumb screws on the Jeweler Saw handles will allow for exact tension of the blade.
  • This blade fits the following jewelers coping saw only: # 55671 / 55690
  • 5.125” x 0.10” – 72 teeth per inch
  • Made in the USA

Jewelers Saw handle is NOT included.

    Jewelers Saw Blades, #4/0 Saw Blades 72 Teeth/Inch



    Made with excel blades

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