K7 Carving Knife

K7 Knife
  • K7 Knife
  • K7 Knife w/ Scabbard and 5 Assorted Blades


Excel Blades - K7 Carving Knife


  • Excel Blades K7 Carving Knife is equipped with an injection modeled roll resistant handle
  • Features #101 Straight Edge Blade
  • Two machined chuck slot for carving blades
  • The unique ergonomic handle is designed to increase the comfort and ease with every use.
  • Used with: wood, leather, foam, paper, card-stock, film, photographs, tape, plastic, cardboard, foam boards, cork and other heavy-weight crafting.
  • This knife is great for carving big chunks or detailed work. 
  • Used by wood carvers, stamp artists, graphic artists and designers, hobbyists, and crafters.
  • Fits Blades: #101, #102, #104, #105, #106 & #107
  • Fits Gouges: #310, #320, #330, #340, #350, & #360 gouges
  • Made in the USA

K7 Carving Knife

K7 Carving Knife
K7 Carving Knife
K7 Carving Knife
K7 Carving Knife


Made with excel blades

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