Heavy duty
  • Excel Blades K870 Plastic Utility Knife


    • BOX CUTTERS : These sturdy and convenient cardboard cutter tools work very well for sharpening pastel, colored and graphite pencils, opening packages, courier bags, cartons, and other household tasks too.
    • MULTIPURPOSE: Ideal for use at home or in factories, warehouses and construction projects this retractable utility knife box cutter is well suited for cutting materials such as boxes, panels, tough packaging, etc.
    • 92 CARBON STEEL BLADE: This plastic retractable box cutter featured Excel Blades carbon steel 92 blade with a honed single blade edge- perfect for all general cutting purposes.
    • RETRACTABLE DESIGN: The retracting blade design allows you to retract and lock the blade once you are finished using the plastic box cutter -preventing accidents from occurring.
    • SAFETY LOCK FEATURE: Offering a lifetime of service for a great price, our USA made retractable box cutter comes complete with a safety lock at the side to prevent movement of the blade—both when using them as well as when finished using them.

K870 Plastic Utility Knife

Product number: #16870

Color: yellow