K820 Retreactable Utility Knife



Excel Blades K820 Retractable Utility Knife

  • K820 Knife has a metal body with rubber grips 
  • Comes with replaceable #20092 2-Notch utility blade. 
  • Blades can be replaced with 2, 3 or 4 notch utility blades.  
  • Used for: all heavy duty projects in addition to cutting, trimming and stripping cardboard, paper, plastic, canvas, cork, card-stock, sheetrock, foam boards, tape, wood, clay and more. 
  • Used by: hobbyists, contractors, paper artists,designers, crafters, homeowners, carpenters and can be found on most utility belts.
  • The K820 Retractable Utility Knife fits with Excel Blades #92
  • Includes (1) K820 Retractable Utility Knife and (3) #92 .024in 2-Notch Utility Blade


K820 Retreactable Utility Knife

K820 Retreactable Utility Knife


Made with excel blades

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