#59 Strip Cutter Blade

2pcs. 100pcs
  • 2pcs.
  • 100pcs


Excel Blades - Dual Blade Strip Cutter Replacement Blade 
  • Excel Blades #59 Dual Cutter Blades are sharp carbon steel
  • Available in packs of 2 and 100
  • The width of the #59 blades can be adjusted on the Excel Blades Dual Strip Cutter from .12" - . 63".
  • Use with: paper, leather, vinyl, foam core, plastic, cork, fondant, gum paste, wood, cloth, clay carving, polymer clay, vehicle vinyl wrap, and most other light-weight crafting supplies. 
  • Used by: graphic artists, quillers, designers, hobbyists, scrapbook artists, crafters, and car wrappers.
  • The #59 Dual Flex Cutter Blades are compatible with the following handle only: #70031
  • Made in the USA

#59 Strip Cutter Blade

#59 Strip Cutter Blade
#59 Strip Cutter Blade
#59 Strip Cutter Blade


Made with excel blades

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