Boxed Bunny - Mariana Coan @mariana_coan

Mariana Coan gives us an earresistable DIY just in time for Easter.  Everybunny can do this blog.  All you need is a few tools, some glue, and maybe some carrots just incase you want a snack.
A4 Paper, medium weight
Templates for this Blog
Step 1.  Print out all of the templates on A4 paper.  You can use any colored paper for the box, but you must use white or a light colored paper for the landscape (rabbit, sky and trees).  Mariana recommends using a medium weight paper.
Step 2 - Cut the box templates on the straight lines only.  The dotted lines are for folding and embossing.
Step 3 - With the embossing stylus and alumicutter, emboss all the dotted lines on all box templates.  Then, fold the paper where you have previosly embossed, make sure to leave the dotted lines on the inner part of the box.
Step 4 - Glue the box templates on eachother.
Step 5 - Glue the last box template exactly how you see it in the photo below.
Step 6 - Now, cute the rabbit, cloud and tree templates on the straigh lines only.  Emboss on the dotted lines.  Make a mountain fold on told and a valley fold on the bottom, as shown in the photo below.
Step 7 - Let's combine box and landscape templates!  First, glue the bottom of the templates on to the bottom of the box, as shown in the photo below.
Step 8 - Continue by gluing the second bunny template the same way you did the first one.
Step 9 - Do the same for both the trees and cloud templates
Step 10 - Now, this is the trickiest part, glue the top parts of the landscape templates UNDER the upper box tab, do one side first.
Step 11 - On the other side, use the tweezers to pressur the tabs until both parts are fully glued.
Step 12 - Now apply glue on the front and back.  Use the tweezers again for better fixation.
Step 13 - Flue on the top part of the box.
Step 14 - You are finished!

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